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In order to offer all possible solutions to its customers, IME Forklifts has a complete range of the most common new models in the market. All Forklifts are technically supported and are accompanied by the necessary license forms. 

New LINDE Forklifts made in Germany

linde 386

LINDE, as a world leading forklift truck manufacturer, has a full range of machinery - from electrical warehouse equipment to heavy-duty container handling equipment - serving all the major sectors of commerce and transportation worldwide.

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Hydrostatic drive machines (diesel and gas-fueled) place Linde at the moment worldwide, at the top of the forklift operator preferences, offering ultimate ergonomics combined with safety, fuel economy and drive speed. At the same time in the field of electromechanical machines, which he has been manufacturing for decades, he continuously and continuously adds the most modern warehousing and warehousing systems

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Linde 393

Linde 393 Diesel

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Linde 386

Linde 386 Electric

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Linde ML 10

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Linde MT 15

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Linde L14AP

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Linde T20SP-AP

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Linde T16P

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Linde T20SP

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Linde mt12

Linde MT 12

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linde citi

Linde Citi

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Linde M25W

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We commit to analysing your needs and suggesting the most suitable and economical solution as regards used forklift machinery.

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We started in Germany in 1977, after founding our first company in Frankfurt, which dealt exclusively in the trade of used Linde forklifts.

Today, we are able to meet all the needs of local businesses for forklift trucks. For any question do not hesitate to call us at +30 2310 633283